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About Laurie:

I am a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience that spans across all marketing disciplines and multiple industries, with a heavy emphasis in marketing communications. With extensive experience in creating a clear marketing vision, defining marketing strategies and forming detailed marketing plans, I have built teams that have successfully brought products to markets globally through dynamic marketing communications, effective public relations and by building strong relationships and programs with direct and channel sales teams, as well as alliance and OEM partners. I offer vast knowledge and skill in creating traditional marketing communications tools including collateral, web sites and web marketing, e-marketing and direct mail campaigns, advertising, multi-media, trade shows, presentations, and product packaging. I am a strong leader skilled at building teams, effectively managing agencies and building synergies.

I have a strong background in formulating and implementing innovative programs that have successfully generated demand for products and services, increased revenues, elevated brand awareness and raised market share. A quick summary of successes I have brought to various companies I have worked with includes:

  • Raising monthly lead counts from under 1,000 leads per month to over 3,500 per month
  • Doubling web traffic from 123,000 visits per month to nearly 270,000 visits per month
  • Raising global market share from 21% to over 27% over a 3 year period
  • Providing marketing support and programs that contributed to raising company revenues 30% in a mature market over a 3 year period
  • Directing successful re-branding and re-positioning of companies, with special emphasis around acquisitions
  • Creating co-marketing programs with alliance partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM Lotus and Xerox, that nearly doubled monthly lead counts.
  • Doubling brand awareness globally in a 2 year period
  • Implementing systems and processes that led to measuring lead quality and priority distribution to sales and channel teams

The achievements I have accomplished in marketing can be attributed to my strengths in having good intuition, a creative nature, a good marketing “know-how” of how to get a lot done with few resources, building strong relationships (including with sales and engineering teams), and in being a quick learner who is driven to win.

Despite it's stressful nature, I believe strongly in making marketing a fun process and celebrating success. It has led me to garner a reputation for being great to work with, always dependable, and known for producing quality work, on-time, and that makes a significant difference.

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